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The Stowaways Symphony Book Talk

The Book Talk


The Stowaways Symphony: The Musical Adventure of the Zoo Orchestra Book Talk

The zoo orchestra needs inspiration! Disguised to avoid suspicion, six zoo animals escape their enclosures to watch the HK Phil perform at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. However, during the performance, an usher spots and removes them one by one…… What happened in the concert hall? What was the usher’s secret plan? 

Welcome all young readers and their families to join the book talk of HK Phil’s first children picture book - The Stowaways Symphony: The Musical Adventure of the Zoo Orchestra. Writer and illustrator Sophia Hotung and guest host Stephanie Ng will do a read-aloud session in both Cantonese and English, and share their music stories. The fun-filled and interactive book includes an exclusive music playlist and reusable stickers. This event is free and open to the public, please join us for an unforgettable adventure! 


Date:12 NOV 2023(SUN) 
Venue:Eslite Causeway Bay Store 9/F Forum
Details: Free admission and all ages welcome.



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