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Music Journey with Star Ferry

Music Journey with Star Ferry

Music Journey with Stary Ferry

The sea has been a great source of inspiration for many composers over the years.  
Let's take a moment to appreciate the vastness of the sea, 
and explore the sounds that connect it. 


With venue support from Star Ferry, the HK Phil is launching the third chapter of its partnership with public transport, Rhythm of the City: Music Journey with Star Ferry! The HK Phil strives to make classical music accessible to the community.  


Embark on the music journey by taking a ride on the Star Ferry! From now until 14 Jan, beautiful music performed by the HK Phil will be broadcast on the “The Meridian Star” Ferry. Immerse yourself in the musical journey, created through the unique and diverse perspectives of different composers. Allow the melodies and sounds to carry you away to the vast and majestic beauty of the ocean. 


Join us on a journey aboard the Star Ferry as we cruise around Victoria Harbour and enjoy the classical music played by the HK Phil, especially for you! 

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